Proocam Pro-J119 Camera Lens Cover for Gopro Hero 3+/4

Proocam Pro-J119 Camera Lens Cover for Gopro Hero 3+/4
Brand: Proocam
Product Code: Proocam Pro-J119
Proocam Pro-J119 Camera Lens Cover replacement side door 1 × of helps to keep it dust, your lens mechanism from dirt and scratches it use it Then convenient lens lens hood cap it, simple, smart, functional solution, perfect for your perfect for the camera essential accessories for your doors and side for the replacement battery is included door of the camera and cover for lens camera and housing, 
Key Features: 
It could help to keep dust, smudges or scratches from your camera lens mechanism and camera housing with this cap kit. 
Come with camera battery door cover and camera side door cover. 
Gopro Hero 1 /2/3/4
Package Includes: 
1 x Camera Lens Cover 
1 x Standard Housing Lens Cover 
1x Replacement Battery Door Cover 
1x Side Door Cover 


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