Proocam Pro-J017 Suction Cup (7CM) for Gopro Hero , SJCAM , MIYI

Proocam Pro-J017 Suction Cup (7CM) for Gopro Hero , SJCAM , MIYI
Brand: Proocam
Product Code: Proocam Pro-J017
Proocam Pro-J017 Suction Cup (7CM)  With the 7" Suction Cup Mount for GoPro from Revo you can affix your camera to a range of flat, non-porous surfaces. These could include glass, the fiberglass hull of a boat, the body of an ATV, the interior of a car window, and more. A quick-release base provides a fast and secure method for mounting your GoPro, and a dual-articulation arm offers easy positioning so you can achieve a variety of camera angles.
The mount features a standard three-prong interface that enables it to be used with virtually all GoPro HERO housings and frames.
7" Base Diameter for Secure Hold
A 7" diameter helps ensure your GoPro is held fast to the mounting surface. A quick release mechanism makes removal a one-step process once you're done shooting
Dual Articulation Arm
The mount's dual-articulation arm enables easy positioning, helping make it a breeze to achieve a variety of camera angles. Teeth on the lower point of the articulation arm add an extra measure of security to prevent the arm from drooping
Gopro Hero 1 /2/3/4
SJCAM  SJ4000, SJ5000 (need to buy the convertor)
Mi YI (need to buy the convertor)
Sony Action Camera  (need to buy the convertor)
COLOR :Black
DEPTH :70 mm
HEIGHT :110 mm
WIDTH :70 mm
Pro-J017 Suction Cup X 1pcs 




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